Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Are your students tired of the old fashion way to study spelling? Try, an online tool that helps students study their spelling words. has many activities and games that students can use to practice their spelling words. Students can work on spelling, word meaning and writing and all the activities revolve around their spelling list. Some of the spelling activities are: Hang Mouse, Unscramble, Audio Word Match and Missing Letter. To practice word meanings students can play Match It! Which Word? Sentence Unscramble and Crossword. Teachers can sign up for a free account and create spelling lists or they can pull from lists that teachers have already published. Even if a teacher does not have an account, their students can go to and type in their words, be quizzed and do some of the activities. Kids of all ages will enjoy because they do not feel like they are ‘studying,’ they think they are playing.

On Tuesday I assigned my students 2 activities for homework and most of them told me they did 4 or 5. When we use the computers and they finish early, they are asking if they can go to and practice their spelling. This is a very foreign concept to me, because most of the time students whine and complain if they have to do any type of activity that involves the dreaded spelling words. If students have headphones they can plug them into the computer and will give them the spelling test, it will also grade it, what a bonus! Give a try, sign up, add your spelling list and see what your students think.


  1. Wow!! Great job on finding this site. Definitely going to use it in with my students.

  2. I agree with Chemaly! Wow! This is an awesome testimonial. First time I have heard of this one.
    I will be sharing this with my son and his teacher:)!