Saturday, April 3, 2010


The days of carrying stacks of flashcards are over, I’d like to introduce you to Cramberry a web 2.0 tool that can make studying a little less painful and can help keep students flashcards organized. Cramberry is an online tool, where students log in to their account and can make up to 30 flashcards a day. Student can choose which set they would like to study. Cramberry creates a studying schedule for the student based on their progress for each card. It keeps track of how many cards the student gets correct by giving them options that they ‘click’ on once the flash card is presented. There are four different choices when answering, from not knowing the answer to getting it correct (perfect). Each time a card is missed it is put back into the ‘deck’. “Cramberry tracks the students progress and tells them when to study each card, reducing wasted effort and letting them focus on studying.” (Cramberry) Students can also choose from flashcards that other users have made and share their own sets with other users. The flash card screen is very basic so that it is not distracting and helps students focus on learning. Another nice thing about Cramberry is that students can print up a list of terms and take it with them if they are on the go. If they have an iPhone or iTouch they can download the Cramberry application and have their cards with them at all times.

I know that this is a very basic tool, but it will really help students who have difficulty with organizational skills. It will also keep flashcards off the floor, out of the backpack and stuck in the corner of lockers. I am excited to share this tool with my students and looking forward to the different ways they will use it.


  1. I wish each of my students had computer/internet access 24 hours a day! This is so great because it eliminates the need for paper flash cards. I love how it keeps track of the ones you know well and the ones you need to work on. It makes so much sense! I know that not all students learn with flash cards but this would be a great tool for those who love flash cards. Thanks for sharing this, Mary!!!


  2. Cramberry looks like it has a lot of potential, not to mention it has a cool and catchy name. I wish something like this was available back in my flashcard days. Organizing and keeping up with flashcards was a pain. I would always lose one or two somewhere. Yes Mary, I was like some of your students. My flashcards used to be strayed all in my book bag. I’m going to tell my Aunt and my cousin about this, it would be great for her to use as she learns Spanish.