Saturday, April 3, 2010


The five blogs I chose relate to my career as an 8th grade Math, Language Arts and Character Development teacher.

1. Experiments in Math Classes – This is to keep me up to date on new and exciting ideas in Math, it is also part of TeacherLingo, which is a community that connects teachers.

2. Wild About Math – All things Math, this will keep me up to date on new trends and fresh ideas.

3. Technology Blog – The latest tips and information for teachers.

4. Home Page Highlights (NCTM blog) As a math teacher, this will help me keep up with the latest and greatest standards and news.

5. EthicsPost – This is Corey Ciocchetti’s blog, his topics discuss ethics, morals and values that I can apply into my “Success” class (character development) and my own life.

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